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This morning I chose to let myself get an extra hour of sleep in place of working out before work. I’ve worked out 4 times this week already, and yesterday I had a longgggg day. I’ve been tempted to guilt trip myself about skipping today, but to be honest, I feel the most energized at work today than I have all week!! Don’t be fooled that the moral of this story is to skip the work-out. However, the moral of this story IS to listen to your body and its needs. Give your body a chance to recover and rejuvenate itself.

Beyond just the exercise facet of this lesson, don’t buy into the American guilt-trip that says it’s cool to run on 4 hours of sleep every day and always be doing something. That’s just plain bullshit founded on our country’s obsession with productivity. Take a nap outside whenever you have the opportunity, make it a priority to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night, and make sure you PENCIL IN intentional nothingness/or self-care time during the week. I believe we are entitled to this. Yep. I said it. Entitled. 

Rest is key to our overall healthy and SANITY! 



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