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why so serious?

"I just want to never stop playing," he told me after we spent part of our Valentines Day celebration playing lazer tag with a bunch of 10 year olds. I agreed. I haven’t thought much up to this point in my life as to the details of what my wedding vows might look like someday. But for some reason, this sentence has been repeating in my brain all week. And it dawned on me that beyond a shadow of a doubt, this will be one of them.

Really though, we all can and should make a commitment to never stop playing; a commitment to our lover, our family, our friends, the world, ourselves. The world has too much light and hope and fun around each corner whether its in a hackey sack or blowing bubbles or a game of tag or hide and seek, to take ourselves too seriously. The world is in a lot of pain on a constant basis, but I also like to think that it is simultaneously laughing and smiling and gasping in gusts of wind and water ripples… reminding us that we just can’t be serious all the time if we’re going to survive this life in a fulfilling way. I firmly believe that committing to play time is committing to loving harder - if you don’t rejuvenate yourself with play time, how will you be able to bring holistic love and joy to others? By not allowing yourself to indulge in this important part of yourself you ultimately hurt yourself the most. So really what I’m saying is, get over yourself and go play! I don’t care how old you are. 

I don’t know about you but I never want to be too stiff or too serious or too cynical to play a game of lazer tag with my lover - whether I’m 16 or 22 or 50 years old. 



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